Are you an online stalker? I bet you are.

Online stalkerAs a writer, you are also a marketer. It’s just like any business; marketing must be an essential piece of getting your work out into the world. We’d all like to be discovered while sitting in a coffee shop writing our next book, but the reality is that we need to put ourselves out there to get the attention we crave and deserve.

When I hear what people are doing to create more business for themselves, I question – are you an online stalker?

What I mean by this, is that you spend the majority of your time online, yet you leave no trail left behind. If you are hanging out in social media, you aren’t posting. If you are reading blogs, you aren’t commenting on blogs. If you see something that is good and worth sharing, you aren’t sharing it.

This is my definition of an online stalker. A person who rarely interacts, yet is constantly watching and observing all that is going on.

While I’m sure you aren’t looking to get a peep show, or have some other voyeuristic tendencies – being an online stalker is simply a waste of time.

The only way to drive traffic back to yourself, get noticed with your work and your writing – or whatever else you offer – is to be engaged.
From now on – think about how you can participate more, instead of being a stalker – be an instigator. A person who initiates a course of action (according to good ole’ Webster Dictionary).

That means…

Actively post in your social media accounts

Comment on the blogs you read

Share information and resources of what you like

Share yourself in a video (not an opportunity to present a peep show 🙂 )

Write reviews on people you’ve worked with and places you’ve been

Send out endorsements in LinkedIn

Now go out and half fun, be yourself, share your services and your work, and start instigating.