How Not to Write Your Book This Year

pencilsA lot of people share with me how they’d love to write a book, but to some degree they believe it’s just a pipedream.

Pipedream (adj): Origin: Pit of doom, defined as dream that will always live in the sewers and never see the light of day.

Well, I don’t agree – a book doesn’t have to be nor should it be just some goal or dream that never gets done. You can write a book, and you can do it this year!  But if you want to continue saying a book is a “someday,” follow these rules.

How Not to Write Your Book.

  1. Make everyone and everything else a priority.
  2. Hang out with non-writers.
  3. Remember all the times you failed.
  4. Take on extra projects that don’t mean anything to you.
  5. Surround yourself nay-sayers.
  6. Don’t, don’t you dare, ever-never sit down at your computer to write.
  7. Don’t put yourself first.
  8. Don’t remember what it feels to accomplish something.
  9. Become a friend of adversity.
  10. Keep saying “next year.”
  11. No reading allowed, that might inspire you.
  12. Find all the reasons why you shouldn’t.
  13. Tell no one about your dream
  14. Don’t take it one step at a time, that’s too easy.
  15. Never laugh at yourself.

Now if I haven’t convinced you not to write your book yet, and you are actually considering it then…

  1. Make you and your book a priority.
  2. Hang out with writers.
  3. Remember all the times you did succeed.
  4. Clean your plate of any unwanted projects.
  5. Surround yourself with believers.
  6. Make time to write every day.
  7. Put yourself first.
  8. Remember the feeling of accomplishment.
  9. Give adversity your best fight. (put’em up! put’em up!)
  10. Say “this is the year!”
  11. Read for inspiration.
  12. Find all the reasons why you should.
  13. Tell everyone about your book.
  14. Take it one step at a time, as a matter of fact take it one sentence at a time.
  15. Keep it light, laugh at yourself – a lot.

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