How to Know if Your Book Will Be Successful First

Are you someone who dreams of sharing what you’ve learned, created or discovered but worries that you don’t have what it takes to write a book? You know the positive impact you can have and you’d do write your book if only you knew people really wanted it.

Does that sound like you? You are absolutely not alone. Over 80% of Americans say they would like to write a book. What holds them (and maybe, you) back is the stomach-turning fear of being a flop. Nobody wants to be the author of a book that doesn’t sell.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

I felt that same way after I wrote my first book. I had something I really wanted to share that would help others yet I didn’t want to blow it.

I felt the same after my second and third book. In fact, I had several finished books and almost complete ones on my hard drive, where their titles shot me accusatory glances.

‘Why did your write me if you weren’t intending for anyone else to read me?’

I was totally frustrated with myself. A bit of soul-searching revealed the answer. I was afraid to look dumb.

Mired in Self doubt

Even though I’m an award winning-mediator, former attorney whose work has gotten national press, I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear what I wanted to say in my book.

Ever the creative-problem-solver, I decided to look for a solution to get unstuck. My assumption was that: People won’t buy my book.

I decided to test my assumption to see how accurate it was, being the nerdy, logical type I am. If you doubt about your book idea, here are 3 ideas that can move you beyond your negative beliefs.

Here comes the cavalry- Fiverr!

I consider Fiverr to be my secret weapon (that I’m now sharing with you-shhh).

Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for creative and professional services starting at $5. It’s a godsend for authors because it allows us hone our book ideas and book marketing so we present the most professional book possible in a way that attracts our best readers.

I love not having to learn 20 new things to get the answers I want. I
simply employ the talented providers to help my book shine and me.

1.Solve a problem your readers want to fix

As authors, coaches and consultants, when we see a problem we want to fix it. But you know the old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.’ Write about what your readers want to improve.

Hire a research provider on Fiverr to research for you.

Compile a list of:

-Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus, Yahoo groups on your topic

-Bloggers and forums on your topic

-Internet radio shows and podcasts on your topic

Once you have your master list, hire a VA to search thru the archives for questions about your topic. Ask her to keep track of words and phrases they see repeatedly.

Each list will run your around $15-20 and be done in less than a week. Having that much data makes it easier to shape your book to fit the needs of your readers and be a best seller. That’s not much to pay to be sure there is a market for your book.

Be sure to your gig request clearly specifies what kind of data to collect, i.e. contact info, group/site owner, member numbers and how you want to receive the data, i.e. Google spreadsheet or Excel.

2. Make sure readers want to pay for your solution

Just because something is a problem doesn’t mean we want to fix it or pay for it. I learned that the hard way after doing a lecture series on how to handle difficult clients for architects. They definitely wanted the knowledge, but their margins were so thin, they couldn’t afford me.

Then, that fact meant I stopped looking for opportunities. Now, I’d just write a book for them so they could solve the problem within their budget. Would that work for you?

Hire a writer to create a custom survey for you.

Ask potential readers what problem your book solves and if they are willing to pay for that. Not in those words exactly. That’s where the Fiverr provider comes in.

A writer or copywriter will know the best way to ask the obvious questions you might forget and ‘squirmy’ questions like ‘how much would you pay for that’ without introducing bias.

Be sure to share your goals, how many questions you need written and that you want original work. Isn’t it amazing to know that for only $

3. Send up a test balloon

How about creating a smaller version of your book as a ‘test balloon’? Getting that immediate feedback might be just what you need to stay the course with your book. You can use the Kindle Single program to share your test book. Singles are books from
5000-30,000 words.

Hire a formatter to prepare your single for publishing on

Yes, you could do it yourself with a free online formatter but why spend your time. The Fiverr provider can have it done quickly and correctly.

Be sure to contact the provider first with questions about what format they want the book in to begin formatting (not pdf).

I still remember how delighted I was to get my first comments back on my book, The Essential Fiverr Buyer’s Guide.

Readers raved with comments like, ‘Awesome guide’ and ‘Wow, very impressed’. My confidence soared. My book was a success and
yours will be, too.

Following these three tips will give you the data you need to feel confident that your book will be successful and help lots of people.

About the Author

Combining her electrifying energy, warm personality and boundless positivity with the skills of an educator, mediator and marketer, Dina Eisenberg is the voice of spirit and wisdom for midlife women small business owners and entrepreneurs.

As an Outsourcing & Remote Work Maven, Dina helps you recapture the value and time you invested in your old content by upcycling it into new digital income streams via her consulting and products.

Her book, The Essential Fiverr Buyer’s Guide is available here on her website.