How to Stay in Love with Your Book…til death do you part!

Book with heartIt’s no wonder there are so many abandoned manuscripts sitting on hard drives!

Writing and publishing a book can be a long and tedious process; it takes tenacity, courage, and some serious discipline to see a book through to the end.

I’ve heard my clients say to me over and over again, how they just “don’t want to look at it anymore.” They’ve read it, reread it, and edited it so many times they can practically say the lines verbatim.

So how can you stay in love with your book and see it through to the end? Here are a few tips to help you hold on to that spark.

Remember Your Vision. Think about the first time you even considered writing a book, or when you first started – the excitement you felt, the butterflies in your stomach, and the dream of seeing it in print. Don’t lose sight of the accomplishment that is knocking on your door.

Editing Only Makes Better. If you are stuck in the rewrite and editing process, remember the saying “this too shall pass.” Don’t let creative avoidance keep your book tucked away, make it a priority and focus on it a little bit every day.

It is NOT a Piece of Junk. By the time you read your book a few times you will likely end of questioning whether or not it is any good. This happens for a few reasons – 1. The saboteur comes out and tells you to stuff it, 2. It’s no longer new to you and reading something over and over again is boring! Keep a fresh perspective by giving yourself a few weeks off here and there.

All in all, just know that this part of the book writing process and MOST people do experience some disdain towards their book at some point.

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