How Writing in a Journal Can Help You Get Your Book Done: Part One

Writing in a journal can help you get your book moving forward and onto being published.

If you are interested in becoming a writer and an author, where do you begin? Many people find the most difficult part of writing is in knowing where to start.  As you begin your journey as a writer, it may be helpful to start by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a daily journal.

Self-PublishingEven if you have never written in a journal before and don’t consider yourself a skilled writer, a journal is an excellent way to write freely and discover things about yourself in an easy, stress free manner.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

Step One:

The most important thing to do to begin is to remember that this journal is FOR YOU ONLY! Find a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed and choose a method for recording your thoughts. It could be on your computer, in a notebook or on loose leaf paper, however the action is more important than the medium. As this journal is FOR YOU ONLY, keep it password protected on your computer, hide it or store it in a locked box if you feel others may read it. You may wish to write at work on your lunch if you are unable to write undisturbed at home. Again, the most important thing to remember is that this is FOR YOU ONLY.

Step Two:

Start to write for at least ten minutes on the first day. Enter your thoughts, feelings, things you have done today or recently, plans you have for the future or any goals or dreams you have.

If you find you are frustrated, start by writing an autobiography of your life to date, beginning with your earliest memories as a child. I recommend that you write about the happy times you experienced as this makes the process easier to start and continue the habit. Writing about past, painful episodes will discourage you from continuing. Remember this is FOR YOU ONLY and you are only writing for ten minutes each day initially. Do this exercise for 7 consecutive days.

Step Three:

As you are writing FOR YOU ONLY, on the eighth day add one sentence at the end of each session and express TO YOURSELF in your journal how you are feeling that day. You may have already been doing this, however if you are continuing your life story, this will add insight into your writing and will begin your journey of conveying these thoughts and feelings to others. Add this sentence each day for 7 consecutive days.

Join us for Part Two of this post in two days! Writing in a journal is a powerful way to get into the writing habit and routine.

This post was contributed by Rick Fess. To learn more about Rick, visit his website: Spiritual Fiction Books. You may also connect with him on Facebook.