How Writing in a Journal Can Help You Get Your Book Done: Part Two

pencilsWriting in a journal can provide practice and consistency to your daily habits of writing as you progress towards the completion of your book.

This is Part Two about the five steps towards a journal writing program in 28 days.

Step Four:

On the fifteenth day, increase the length of time you are writing to at least twenty minutes each day, and continue with one sentence at the end to express your feelings. Remember, the content is not as important as the action of writing every day FOR YOU ONLY. No one else will be reading this unless YOU choose to share it. I recommend keeping it private for now as others may judge you and attempt to analyze your personal thoughts, which may discourage you from continuing.

Step Five:

On the twenty-second day, write for fifteen minutes continuing your life experiences. After the fifteen minutes, spend the next five minutes writing about your feelings, thoughts, challenges and dreams. This is important as it will start your process of building your comfort level of sharing with others eventually. At this point, the habit of writing is your goal – the content will evolve as you become comfortable exploring and recording your past, your present and your future. Keeping this up for twenty eight days will be an excellent beginning to becoming more confident in your writing abilities.


Awesome! At this point you now have the tools to continue to journal every day. I highly recommend reviewing your past entries from time to time as you will notice that as the entries change, you will change and your writing style will improve and evolve. Reviewing is also an excellent way to assist you if you get stuck for ideas at any time.

Once you are in the habit of writing daily, try to focus on a topic that you are interested in and write about it for five or ten minutes each day. Once you have done this for a few weeks, you will have the beginnings of a book that you can work on and refine for future publication.

This post was contributed by Rick Fess. To learn more about Rick, visit his website: Spiritual Fiction Books. You may also connect with him on Facebook.