Improve Your Writing with Chicken Soup

Write in a JournalThere are moments in our life where we are completely present and aware of all that is happening to us, and around us. Sometimes those moments are over a bowl of chicken soup, an American staple for nursing someone back to health, or warming your body on a cool day.

Either way, chicken soup, especially the homemade kind, can bring you into the moment and allow you to be in touch with all of your senses. Feel the warmth of the broth slide down your throat and reach the top of your belly, the taste of carrots melt away into your mouth, and the smell penetrating the kitchen, and causing your taste buds to salivate.  (Pass the crackers, please!)

During my own adventures of improving my writing and getting better at my trade, I’ve found that being present in the moment is a surefire way to write with real intention.

Most of us skip through our days without having a single thought that we can remember or a moment that we can hold on to. When we are present to the moments in our day, they become etched in our memory and allow us to recount those experiences on the page.

The woman sitting across from me intent on her computer, a pierced bottom lip, and a swirling tattoo on her left shoulder. I can see a character within her, I can imagine her life, I can see her magnificence. She then becomes an expression of creativity through me. Stopping along the way to find the moments, the pieces, or the seconds we can incorporate into our writing, we improve by becoming present to the things around us.

While you may not consider yourself a writer, being present can improve your life in all areas, not just with the pen.  Try it for yourself. Oh the pleasures of presence.