Perfectionists Rarely Publish or Promote Their Books

Bag over HeadThere may be a point where you stall in the publishing or marketing process of your book. Deep down inside, you want to give birth to your book, but the fear of exposing yourself in such a public way terrifies you.

You may become overwhelmed with the fear of judgment and criticism. You may feel naked and vulnerable. These are normal feelings for both the first time author and even for seasoned authors with each new book creation.

You may suddenly doubt yourself and wonder if your book is good enough or if you are good enough. You may begin to think your book is not perfect enough and begin to feel it needs more editing or a rewrite.

Then if your book is done, you may feel book shame. You or a reader may have found a mistake. You may go into hiding and hope no one finds your books or sees you.

Let me reassure you that most every book I have read has contained an error of some sort and I have had to correct one or more in every book I have published. (Professional editing helps, but things still slip through the cracks!)

My first book was not very good and my first public talk about it was embarrassing. I also got a bad review, which felt humiliating. As a result, I stopped writing and speaking for 5 years! I hid and pretended writing and speaking didn’t matter to me.

I finally got brave and dared to write again. And then again and again. I gave talks that were not perfect, and I sometimes watched people yawn or doze off. But I also had people tell me that they got something out of my book or talk, and that gave me the courage to keep going.

I began to realize that I had a deep passion to write and that I loved it so much that I would continue to write even imperfectly. My books and articles do not resonate with everyone, and I am okay with that. I have decided to share my story, my wisdom, my experiences and myself. By bravely sharing publicly and being visible, I have the potential to make a difference to even one reader and a whole lot more.

So my advice is to go for it! This life is not a dress rehearsal. Write and then promote and market your book. I don’t want you to have any regrets! Play big in the game of life! As Maya Angelou says, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

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