We offer a variety of writing services to help bring your book to life. If you don’t see what you are looking for send us an email at or check out our resources page for people we recommend.

Self-Publishing Services

Book Mentoring & Consulting Whether you need step-by-step instruction on how to navigate through the self-publishing world or simply want to ensure the best and highest quality, we can support you through the process.

Production Management Perfect for those of you who would rather write the book and let us do the rest. In our product management services, we not only walk you through the process, we take on a lot of the responsibility ourselves and ensure the highest quality throughout the production process.

Cover Design, Layout & eBook Design One of the important pieces of creating your book is the interior layout design. Having a professionally designed book is proven to increase the readers perception of the quality of the content and improve your odds for winning book awards in your industry/genre.

Writing & Editing

Get Your Writing On  Writing & Accountability Support– a place to receive support, get feedback on your writing, and every once in awhile get a butt-kicking if needed. Varies.

Individual Mentoring and Coaching on creativity, book outline and timeline, writing support, your book as your platform, dealing with distractions, time management. Varies.

Proofreading and Editing One of the biggest mistakes self-published authors make is not getting their book properly edited. Editing is not an area you want to pass over – take your time through the editing process, and ensure a book that you can be proud of. Varies.

Content Review You wrote a book, but is it ready for print? Is it any good? Is it missing pieces? If you need a constructive eye to review your book, we can help! We love reading manuscripts and offering feedback on how you can improve, what you can do to strengthen your book concept, and even how you can use your book as a platform to build your business. Our content reviews will give you what you need to complete your book and have a page-turning manuscript to print.

Content Edit You have a few different manuscripts, you wrote your book in no particular order, or you simply need help putting all the pieces back together again. Our content edits are a hands-on approach to editing your book. This does not include language, grammar, and tone editing but it will however, get your book in tip-top shape to move on to the next phase. Includes content review, listed above, and is a collaborative approach in getting your book out into the world. Varies.

Partner Authoring If you’d like to create a book of your own but you don’t have the time, energy, and know how to do it on your own, partner authoring may be the perfect way to get your book out into the world. Together with one of our partner authors, we will work together to create your book. A book will be on the shelf as “with name of partner author,” but it will still be YOUR book, you will be the star. To inquire about pricing and your topic, email us. Our team primarily focuses on how-to, nonfiction, and memoirs, we do not write fiction for partner authoring.

Ghostwriting We offer a wide range of services as a ghostwriter, whether you’d like to publish a short personal story or essay, memoir or book, how-to manuals, articles, or other material — our writer’s can help meet your needs. Varies.

Other Writing Services

Whether you need copywriting services for the back cover of your book, a catchy press release to gain media attention, or writing services to help ensure your book launch is successful, we can support you in getting the word out about your book and making the copywriting shine. Email us for pricing and more information.

Social Media Profile Review (Marketing Your Book)

Before you begin your marketing campaign, you may want to have an analysis of your profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube to make sure you have a solid foundation to build your following and attract attention to your writing. After your initial session over your profile polishing, you may elect to receive a plan of consistent action towards your launch day. $150-300

To inquire about any of these services please email us at