Seven Ideas for Writing a Book

Book Ideas-Blank PageSome authors jump right in and start writing their book. They know immediately what type of book they are going to create. However, I would encourage you to really consider what type of book is best for you, your message, and the marketplace.

Here are several ideas for writing a book.

By all means this is a not a comprehensive list of book ideas, but it should get your mojo going, your wheels turning, and the creative juices flowing.

  • Self-Help/Personal Development
  • Personal Story/Memoir
  • Anthology/Interview Series
  • Children/Young Adult
  • Informational/Instructional
  • Novel/Fiction
  • Parable

Here are a few reasons why you want to consider each type of book – no matter what your topic!

  1. Self-Help/Personal Development – This category works best for those who are seeking to use their book as a marketing platform for other types of services, such as consulting or coaching. It’s also a great tool for getting yourself booked as a speaker. Not to mention, a self-help book is ideal for showcasing your knowledge and sharing that with people through a low-entry product.
  2. Personal Story/Memoir – When individuals write their book with the slant of a personal story or memoir, they are also setting themselves up for speaking opportunities and a platform. In this case, an individual shares their story as inspiration or information in itself, but isn’t talking directly to the reader, nor are they offering advice. Their wisdom comes from their experience and can be showcased brilliantly in a memoir style book.
  3. Anthology/Interview Series – This can be an easier book to complete or write. You can interview individuals to put in your book or have them submit their own stories for publication. Collect stories around your topic and see it all come together. You may find that people will understand the value of the message more effectively through individual stories, rather than through one of the other ideas listed.
  4. Children’s/Young Adult – If this isn’t a genre that’s calling to you, don’t forget Harry Potter and it’s multi-generational power. Typically people think of this genre as fiction and storybooks, but many factual books exist to educate and inspire the youth market. Perhaps your idea would do well here.
  5. Informational/Instructional – How to books are always great sellers. They are typically designed for a very specific or niche market, and can help educate and inform people to take on a task themselves. Don’t worry about giving away all your information in a book, most people only utilize a very small percentage of the information they read, and even more will approach you about just taking care of it for them. This is another great way to build a business, while sharing information and establishing your credibility.
  6. Novel/Fiction – This is often the scariest genre for general nonfiction writers; however, if you are considering writing a personal story/memoir and you’d rather not make the story about you –you can easily fictionalize it instead. Not only will this prevent your family from disowning you, it will also give you liberty to gracefully deny anything from your past that you aren’t proud of.
  7. Parable – I believe this is a great genre, as it typically puts valuable, moralistic writing into an easy to read format with a story behind it. Throughout the years many parables have reached bestseller status, and have taught a very valuable lesson at the same time.

There you have it.

Seven ideas for writing a book.

If you are writing something outside of what I mentioned here, I’d love to hear about it. Or let me know what style you prefer, and if you’d be willing to branch out into other genres.

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