The world of publishing is a wealth of information. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and training and we’d love to join your group to share on one of our topics. We offer fun, interactive, and informative talks on a variety of topics.

Speaking Topics

Publishing 101:


  • Your options in self-publishing
  • Timelines to expect
  • Costs to expect
  • Steps to take from concept to distribution



Everything Ebook:


  • Costs, steps, and conversion tips for proper layouts
  • Super simple distribution channels! (Pssst they’re FREE!)
  • How to use your e-book to build your business


Marketing your ebook

Book Launch:

  • Steps to lead up to a successful book launch
  • Tips on a RED HOT book release party!
  • How to become an Amazon Best Seller

How to Market your Book on Amazon

  • 21 steps on how to successfully optimize your book’s findability on Amazon

Book Marketing Essentials


  • Top 15 ways to market your book for FREE
  • Super tips on how to get reviews
  • Bonus: The 5 biggest wastes of money marketing your book



Book Essentials: Cover, Interior, Editing


  • How to make a book cover POP!
  • Interior book design: avoid self-publishing mistakes
  • How to find the right editor for your voice and your book


If you are interested in booking one of our experts to speak to your group, please email us for availability.