What is the One Marketing Expense Authors Should Invest in

Marketing ManpowerMost authors want to know what the best marketing is for their book; it’s a critical component to the success and sales of their published work. So, when a new client asked me last week

“What’s the ONE thing I should invest in when it comes to marketing?”

I had just one answer, and one answer only.“Man-power!”

Knowing what it takes to sell a book – I’ve realized that no investment is worth it, except that of man-power to get things done.

The one marketing expense authors should invest in will help to:

  • Book speaking engagements
  • Find reviewers to review the book online
  • Write and manage social media posts
  • Respond to publicity opportunities
  • Write press releases, blogs, and/or other marketing material
  • Find blogs for you to be a guest on
  • Search for book awards to apply to
  • Contact local bookstores to get your book on the shelves
  • Set up events, book signings, and sponsorships
  • Design advertisements, write copy, and create marketing materials

The list could go on, but I think you get the point. You could pay for things like ads in a magazine, booths at a convention, or other random opportunities. But there’s no help, like a helping hand to create more exposure, reach more of your target market, and get your book into the hands of people who read it and pass it along!

If you are going to invest in any marketing for your book, invest in manpower.

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