Why Writing a Book WILL Sky Rocket Your Business

Money and BooksI’m sure I’ve made a lot of mistakes in building and running my business. But if there was one thing that I could do over again, I would have written my book FIRST.

Since we generally don’t get a second chance to do something over again – I’m recommending that you write your book this year. Don’t wait. Don’t delay. A book will build your business in ways that you never imagined. And it will be worth every single moment of its birth.

Here are just some of the benefits of what a book will do for you and your business.

Credibility/Expert Status. This one is hard to deny. When you wrote the book on the subject, you’ll be the expert in everyone’s mind. Getting you interview slots in the media, notoriety, credibility, and ultimately higher earning power.

Attract New Clients. Clients love to work with people who know what they are talking about, have experience doing the work they are getting hired to do, and who can articulate a book on a subject that shows their education, expertise, and viability. Your book will become a lead generation tool so new clients can find you and seek out your services.

Speaking Engagements. If you’d like to add more speaking engagements to your business building plan, a book is an incredible tool for getting in the door with event planners and meeting organizers. Send a copy of your book off to them with your speaking one sheet and you will guarantee your spot on the stage.

Additional Income. A book provides an additional source of income; you can easily sell books at your speaking engagements, on your website, or other retail outlets. While book royalties may not fill your bank account, they other opportunities that come from a book will.

Platform for Additional Offerings. If you use your book as a true platform for your business, seed throughout the book about your offerings and services, and use it as a marketing tool in and of itself – you’ll find many ways to increase your business. From hosting workshops and retreats, to offering coaching or consulting. Write your book in a way that will open doors for future, unknown opportunities.

And if you are ready to take the leap and write your book this year, then check out our book How to Bring Your Book to Life This Year or send us an email on how you can get started!

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